#6 Azawakh
sometime called the Africa greyhound. this sight- hound likes to hunt in packs. there's only about 300 know to be alive.  they have a  Double suspension gallop like a greyhound and they hate getting wet a house cat.
#7 this was going to be number 1 until i read this.  it seems there's a few more of them then we thought.
however they are still way cool dogs. the New Guinea  Singing Dog's still kind of a mystery. as the name suggest there from New Guinea and they Sing.  scientist don't know why they do this and other strange behavior's but if you do see one stop and get a picture, they are one rare dog breed!      
#8 Norwegian Lundehund.
the Norwegian Lundehund is a cool breed. first breed for hunting puffins the dog has 6 toes on each foot and they all work.  they are able to bend their head backwards along their own spine and turn their forelegs to the side at a 90-degree horizontal angle to their body.

so why are they so rare? Lundehund's tend to get belly problems that shortens there lifespan. Sad really for such a cool dog!
ever have trouble deciding what type of dog to get? you get it narrowed down to 1 or 2 chioses and can't decide from  there...  well wounder no more, just go to pikimal.com. they have a cool system for helping folks decide. its fun and it's all free.
#9! the ChinookThey are recognized as the "New Hampshire State dog" but that doesn't make them any less rare. the Chinook owes its existence to a dog breed in New Hampshire who breed the dogsRobert Peary used to reach the north pole. ; current numbers of registered animals are around 800. Only about 100 puppies are born annually worldwide.
It is a little strange the dog are so rare, they are said to have a great temperament and make good pets.
#10 Tibetan Mastiff
personally I think there ugly ( i know, how dare i say that about a dog) so there will be no picture today. quite honestly I'd sooner get a pit pull then a Tibetan Mastiff they can be quite ferocious and aggressive, unpredictable in their behavior, and very difficult to train. Newspaper reports claim that a pair of these Mastiffs have killed tigers while guarding sheep in the highlands of Nepal... I don't say this offten but this breed is rare for a good reason. there not for children.
_watch out when around the fireplace! most pets are instinctual about fire; it is natural for an animal to stay away. However, during this holiday season, many owners like to dress their pets up.
our apologies to anyone who tried to contact us over the past two weeks. this site is a work in progress. the contact feature needed a little work but it's all better now.  
OK, so you's probably know the  Rhodesian ridgeback. well to day I bring you the Thai ridgeback. like the Rhodesian ridgeback the Thai  ridgeback has a strange looking tuff of hair running down its back. this quite rare breed from Thailand (as you my have guested). should you ever be lucky enough to see one, be sure to snap a picture.    
hello world,
I've a little busy lately. there talk we may add horse care to our list of services!
anyway I found the video I just had to share. all I can say is I'm none of them dogs is me.